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Eminem - Paul

Album: Encore

Artis : Eminem
Title : Paul
Album : Encore
Durasi : 00:34
Size : 537.11 KB
Tanggal Rilis : 2004-11-12

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Lirik Eminem - Paul

tiPaul (Skit)

Eminem - Paul (Skit)
Hey Em it's Paul
uhm, listen, I just got a call from the label
And you're probably not gonna be surprised but uhm,
Micheal Jackson is extremely upset about the Just Lose It video,
and uhm,
I mean he's pissed so uh I don't know what he's gonna do,
but we gotta talk about how we gonna handle this
Uhm Oh yeah any way,
somebody told me that uhm
they heard a roumer that you got a new gun uhm,
I know it's probably not true but I just need to talk about that,
so uhm gimme a call

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